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Bizzare Eclipse Problem

Here we explain a very bizarre yet interesting issue that occurs in Eclipse IDE.

Problem Description : Sometime(s) while writing a new method, specifically, while writing its signature, Eclipse IDE keeps on selecting the method name typed so far. The situation is depicted in the following two screens :

In the first screen I begin to type a new method signature :

method typing (Screen-1)

method typing (Screen-1)

Meanwhile, I wait for thinking of some cool name for my method, and boom…

Eclipse Selects the name (Screen - 2)

Eclipse Selects the name (Screen – 2)

Eclipse selects my so far typed name, so that when I resume typing without paying attention, the whole word which I typed so far is removed.

While the problem sounds a real bizarre situation for an IDE, the solution is rather simple, as depicted in the following screen :

Eclipse link button and class Descriptor (Screen - 3)

Eclipse link button and class Descriptor
(Screen – 3)

Simple deselect the link open editor option, or close the Class descriptor in the Project Explorer window of Eclipse IDE.

Bizzare Eclipse Problem
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