Types of Delays

Types of Delays
1. Nodal processing delay
2. Queuing delay
3. Transmission delay
4. Propagation delay
(1-2)Processing delay
a. The time required to examine the packets header and determine where to direct the packet.
b. Other factors include,  the time needed to check for bit level errors in the packet that occurred in transmitting the packet’s bits from the upstream node to Router A
(2-3)Queuing delay
At the queue, the packet experiences a queuing delay as it waits to be transmitted on the link.
(3-4)Transmission delay
A amount of time required to push all of the packets bits into the link.
 let the length of the packet is L bits
 Transmission rate of the link from router A to router B is R bits/sec
 then the transmission delay in transmitting single packet will be L/R secs
(4-5)Propagation delay
the time required to propagate from the beginning of the link to router B is the propagation delay.
It is the function of the distance between the two routers but has nothing to do with the packet’s length or transmission rate.
dTotal = dProcessing + dQueuing + dTrans + dPropagation
Types of Delays
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