Samsung Tab3 311 Kitkat Update Issue…

The much awaited Android Kitkat update (v4.4.2) for Samsung’s latest Tab in the market so far ‘SM-T311’ was made available sometime towards the end of August-2014. While it was highly anticipated, there seems to have occurred many problems to devices after updating the firmware for Android v4.4.2. Our team experienced one such issue and the possible remedy is explained here:

Signs of trouble are time lags and device hanging issues. If you begin to notice such things (which “most likely” shouldn’t have occurred earlier) means your firmware update hasn’t been good enough for your device.

To partially (yes, you read it right.. partially!!!) resolve the issue try having a few restarts first. If that doesn’t help, then the only option left for you is to reset the device. Take a good backup of your data/ images/ documents/ videos and reset the device via: Settings -> Backup and Reset -> Factory Data Reset.
Reminder!!! take backup of all those precious…belongings…
you know it better 😉

The factory reset should do the job and improve performance. Though at Coddicted we still feel that the performance was better earlier. Sorry to Kitkat lovers but that’s what our experience tells us and we still love Kitkat for its features even though the device lags at times.

Finally a disclaimer to all our beloved readers. Please follow the steps at your own risk. These are meant to help you and we are not liable for any losses physical/ mental/ informational incurred during the process.

Thanks nd have a delightful “KITKAT” 🙂

Samsung Tab3 311 Kitkat Update Issue…
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