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A recoverable schedule is one where, for each pair of Transaction Ti and Tsuch that T reads data item previously written by Ti   the commit operation of Ti  appears before the commit operation T.
Suppose that the system allows T9 to commit immediately after execution of read(A) instruction.Thus T9 commit before T8 does.
Now suppose that T8 fails before it commits. Since T9 has read the value of data item A written by T8 we must abort T9 to ensure transaction Atomicity.
However, T9 has already committed and cannot be aborted.Thus we have a situation where it is impossible to recover correctly from the failure of T8.
Cascadeless schedules
Transaction T10 writes a value of A that is read by Transaction T11. Transaction T11 writes a value of A that is read by Transaction T12. Suppose at this point T10 fails. T10 must be rolled back, since T11 is dependent on T10, T11 must be rolled back, T12 is dependent on T11, T12 must be rolled back.
This phenomenon, in which a single transaction failure leads to a series of transaction rollbacks is called Cascading rollback.
  • Cascading rollback is undesirable, since it leads to the undoing of a significant amount of work.
  • It is desirable to restrict the schedules to those where cascading rollbacks cannot occur, Such schedules are called Cascadeless Schedules.
  • Formally, a cascadeless schedule is one where for each pair of transaction Ti  and T such that T reads data item, previously written by Ti   the commit operation of Ti  appears before the read operation of T.
Every Cascadeless schedule is also recoverable schedule.
Cascadeless Schedule

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