Positions of Large Groups

Title: Positions of Large Groups Source: leetcode.com

In a string S of lowercase letters, these letters form consecutive groups of the same character.

For example, a string like S = “abbxxxxzyy” has the groups “a”, “bb”, “xxxx”, “z” and “yy”.

Call a group large if it has 3 or more characters. We would like the starting and ending positions of every large group.

The final answer should be in lexicographic order.

Example 1:

Input: “abbxxxxzzy”
Output: [[3,6]]
Explanation: “xxxx” is the single large group with starting 3 and ending positions 6.

Example 2:

Input: “abc”
Output: []
Explanation: We have “a”,”b” and “c” but no large group.

Example 3:

Input: “abcdddeeeeaabbbcd”
Output: [[3,5],[6,9],[12,14]]

Python solution

Positions of Large Groups
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