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Characters for formatting a dateTime as String

Source   Symbol Meaning Presentation Examples a am or pm marker Text Input am, AM, pm, PM. Output AM or PM d day in month (1-31) Number 1, 20 dd day in month (01-31) Number 01, 31 D day in year (1-366) Number 3, 80, 100 DD day in year (01-366) Number 03, 80, 366 ...

Can we execute a program without main() method in java?

Yes, using static block (not possible from JDK 1.7 onwards)   for example: class A {  static {  String name = getName();  System.out.println(name); }   public static String getName() {  return “project code bank”; } }   output: project code bank Exception in thread “main” java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: main   using System.exit(0) in the static we can ...

Autoboxing and Unboxing 1

Autoboxing, introduced in Java 5, is the automatic conversion the Java compiler makes between the primitive (basic) types and their corresponding object wrapper classes (eg, int and Integer, double and Double, etc). The underlying code that is generated is the same, but autoboxing provides a sugar coating that avoids the tedious and hard-to-read casting typically ...

Attributes and Parameters in Servlets

   Attributes  Parameters  Types 1. Application/context 2. Request 3. Session  1. Application/context init parameters 2. Request parameters 3. Servlet init parameters  Method to set  setAttribute(String name, Object value)  You CANNOT set Application and Servlet init parameters—they’re set in the DD,  Return type  Object  String  Method to get  getAttribute(String name)  return type of the method is Object   getInitParameter(String name) ...

ArrayList and Vector

java.util.Vector was introduced with the first version of java development kit (JDK 1.1) and java.util.ArrayList  was introduced in java version 1.2 as a part of collections framework, later vector has also been retrofitted to implement List and became the part of the collections framework. Both ArrayList and Vector use array as a internal data structure and are dynamically resizable with default size zero and ...

‘RRRR’ versus ‘YYYY’

'RRRR' versus 'YYYY'
The RRRR date format was provided to help people cope with Y2K issues. If the format is RR or RRRR and a two-digit year is given, then the year will be assumed to be prepended with ’19’ if the given year is between 50 and 99, or it will be assumed to be prepended with ...

I am programmer, I’ve no life 4

I am programmer, I've no life
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Decidability of Languages 5

Decidability of Languages
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Closure Properties of Languages

Closure Properties of Languages
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Types of Delays

Types of Delays
Types of Delays 1. Nodal processing delay 2. Queuing delay 3. Transmission delay 4. Propagation delay     (1-2)Processing delay a. The time required to examine the packets header and determine where to direct the packet. b. Other factors include,  the time needed to check for bit level errors in the packet that occurred in transmitting the ...