Abstract Themes

1. Abstract 1 Theme Download from here: https://www.mychrometheme.com/t/3z76k768tv9imzdgaumq7kw1m Screenshot 2. Abstract 2 Theme Download from here: https://www.mychrometheme.com/t/cgf793ncd4n94299qqedugidn Screenshot

Create Google Chrome Themes

Create Google Chrome Themes
Step 1: Install ‘my chrome theme’ extension in Google Chrome Chrome Web Store >> Search ‘My Chrome Theme’ >> Add to Chrome Step 2: My Chrome Theme icon will be displayed in the App tab in Google Chrome Step 3: Click the icon >> Start Making theme and follow the instructions displayed in the App.

Configuring Apache Tomcat in Eclipse

Integrating Apache Tomcat in Eclipse So I put this huge idea of mine (an exaggeration really) into a web app and wanted to run it on Tomcat. However, exporting the project to WAR file, deploying it on Tomcat and starting the web server was too much to do every time I made a simple change ...

Compare two files in Notepad++

Step 1. download the Notepad++ compare plugin from here Step 2. Extract the downloaded zip file and copy “ComparePlugin.dll” to  ‘<Notepad++>unicodeplugins’ directory                         <<<<or>>>>  Step 1. Menu Bar >> Plugins >> Plugin Manager >> Show Plugin Manager Step 2. Check the Compare checkbox and press install Step 3. Open notepad++ ...

Compare two documents (*.doc/*.docx) in MS Word 2010

Step 1: Open both the documents in MS Word 2010. Step 2: In view tab click ‘view side by side’ button. Step 3: If more than two documents are opened in MS Word 2010 , dialogue box will be displayed. Step 4: Choose the second document from the dialogue box. Note: To remove synchronous scrolling ...

Character editor/designer – EUDCEDIT

This program is for designing icons and Characters(Alphapet) click: start > run type: EUDCEDIT

Change Waiting Time for scandisk

To change the waiting time for scandisk to run click: start -> run type: cmd(to open command prompt) type: CHKNTFS /T:4 (where 4 is the amount of wait time – in seconds.) for more information you can type- CHKNTFS /? at the command prompt

Add Spell Check to notepad++

Step 1. Plugins menu >> Spell-Checker >> How to use… Step 2: Now follow the link in the “How to use Spell-Checker” window to http://aspell.net/win32/ Step 3: You need to download binary file for library software and pre-compiled dictionary in the language you prefer. 1. Binary file 2. Pre compiled dictionary Step 4. Install both ...

Processes and Threads

Processes A processes is the “heaviest” unit of  kernel scheduling. Processes own resources allocated by the operating system. Resources include a. memory b. file handler c. sockets d. device handler e. windows Processes do not share address space or file resources except through explicit methods such as inheriting file handles or shared memory segments or ...

Hardwired control and Micro-programmed control

There are two major types of control organization – Hardwired control and micro-programmed control.    S.No. Hardwired Control                  Micro-programmed Control  1.  The control logic is implemented with gates, flip-flops, decoders. It can be optimized to produce fast mode of operation.  The control information is stored in control memory. The control memory is ...