Show the Developer Tab on the Ribbon in MS Excel 1

Step 1. Open MS Excel and goto File tab Step 2. Select options Step 3. From the Excel options dialog box select Customize Ribbon option Step 4. From the List of checkboxes provided on the Right hand side , check mark the Developer checkbox and click OK Step 5. Step 6 . Developer Tab will ...

Shift Keys not working

Problem Statement : To be more precise the problem statement is “Shift Keys are not working with certain character keys” in windows 7   Cause : The most likely cause of this problem is some windows update which you did in the recent past.   Solution : Try restoring the system to some safe restore point.   

Setting up Yahoo! India Mail in Thunderbird 2

  Incoming pop server settings :  server hostname : port : 110  SSL : STARTTLS Authentication : Normal password   Outgoing SMTP server settings : server hostname : port : 465 SSL : SSL/TLS Authentication : Normal password   Username : <your username> ( without  

Running findbugs to generate bug report 6

Here is the step by step approach to running FindBugs 2.0.2 on a Windows machine for generating a report (I really had a hard time understanding those docs which nowhere clearly describe how to use the command line mode of findbugs):   Step1: Download the file from the following URL and extract it:    ...

Repairing problems in XP using Dr Watson

This program Is for repairing problems in Windows XP click: start > run type: drwtsn32

Multiply 2 two-digit numbers

Configuring JavaCV with eclipse 1

Prerequisites: 1. OpenCV 2.4.0 2. javacv-bin-2*.zip 3. Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86)   Steps 1. Install MS Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package(x86). 2. Extract OpenCV 2.4.0.exe in any folder. 3. Create a folder “opencv” in C drive. 4. Copy all the dlls(+folders,if any) from the following path to c:opencv     a. <opencv2.4.0>buildcommontbbia32vc10     b. <opencv2.4.0>buildx86mingwbin   ...

Integrating JProfiler with Eclipse IDE

Step1: The following configurations are need to be done in JProfiler.(Step 1-4) Step2: Choose the Eclipse IDE version you are using from the drop down menu. Step 3: Close any running instance of Eclipse and Select the directory where Eclipse is installed Step 4: click OK   Step 5: The following configurations are need to ...

How to track changes in MS Word 2010

Step 1: Open document in MS word 2010. Step 2: Goto Review >> Track changes  and Select Track changes from the context menu Step 3: Now start modifying the document , changes will be recorded automatically

How to track changes in document (Open Office Writer)?

step 1: Open document you wish to edit  in Open office writer. step2: Goto Edit >> Changes and select the Record option.  Step 3. Start editing your document, Changes will be recorded automatically.