ArrayList and Vector

java.util.Vector was introduced with the first version of java development kit (JDK 1.1) and java.util.ArrayList  was introduced in java version 1.2 as a part of collections framework, later vector has also been retrofitted to implement List and became the part of the collections framework. Both ArrayList and Vector use array as a internal data structure and are dynamically resizable with default size zero and ...

‘RRRR’ versus ‘YYYY’

'RRRR' versus 'YYYY'
The RRRR date format was provided to help people cope with Y2K issues. If the format is RR or RRRR and a two-digit year is given, then the year will be assumed to be prepended with ’19’ if the given year is between 50 and 99, or it will be assumed to be prepended with ...

I am programmer, I’ve no life 4

I am programmer, I've no life