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Our story together, goes back to year 2005 from the First Year of our undergraduate Computer Engineering course. It is really ironic for a jovial and funny guy like Payam to have met and bonded so strongly with a rather serious type Anupam. While we are like opposite poles of a magnet, we still exist together.
While in college, as any undergrad engineer would think and try, we planned and began a number of projects. And honestly yes, we have a long-long list of failed projects and plans. Successes, rare for sure, did come to us though. A prominent one amongst them was a successful qualification to the ACM programming contest’s Asia region round in the year 2007 (Third year of our engineering).  But our first real “PROJECT” experience came in our Final Year, when we developed a Digital Watermarking Application using .NET framework. (We loved .NET and Visual Studio back in the days and hated JAVA for the literal meaning of the word. We still love them but didn’t get a chance to showcase it.)
After completing our B.E in 2009, we planned for SCJP certification while waiting for our joining from an Indian IT major (Ohh yeah… we were lucky enough to get a campus placement). It was precisely the time while preparing for  our SCJP 1.6 certification when the inception of this site dawned upon us (We still feel it really was… umm.. it is… no actually it will remain as if someone planted this idea in our brains as they did in the Hollywood flick Inception).
The idea essentially emerged from the loads of Java code we were writing during that time and we thought of sharing it with the people around. And so in 2009 itself we began, another “project” formulating between us. With sporadic updates on the site, we were barely keeping it alive… just for the sake of it. And then came the GATE exam which got us on our toes and we thought why not expand the site and make it multidimensional. And so we started putting content belonging to core engineering topics to general purpose PC tricks and tweaks to useful source code snippets.
We just aim to help someone… somewhere…!!!
Just so that you are sure about the credibility of content presented here, we list the due Acknowledgments. We would like to assure you that the content has been thoroughly tested/ verified by us for correctness; however, any errors pointed out are most welcome. We also express our sincere apologies to various other resources which have not been included in the list due to our human limitations and forgetfulness.
Content sources:
  • Various engineering syllabus books
  • Google
  • Stack Overflow
  • JavaPapers
  • JGuru
  • JavaRanch and many more…
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